Well I Never

As we were circling the park in our carriage this evening after our Thanksgiving repast, I couldn’t help but observe the rabble everywhere, meandering this way and that. I asked the Missus, “Mommy, for the love of Pete, why aren’t these people working?”

She pointed out that the public school system is failing us. How can we train the working class to serve us when they go to school only five days a week, and only six or seven hours a day?

What we need are more schools like KIPP, which train them to work round the clock and weekends. Let’s move toward a fourteen-hour day. I mean, honestly, how can you get good help when they want to go home, they want to see their families, they want to watch television, or they want to go to the movies? Let’s get back to “If you don’t come in Sunday, don’t come in Monday.

That’s the ticket.

Smellington G. Worthington III


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