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Smelly and I bumped into Mike and Joel at the Century Club; we told them what a fabulous job they’re doing with the public schools. Not that we actually know anyone who sends their kids to one – but we simply love those ads on TV showing all the improvements they’ve made!

We also love what they’re doing with trying to get rid of incompetent teachers – why anyone should want to stick around as a teacher beyond one or two years anyway is beyond me.

In fact, wanting to stay as a teacher probably disqualifies one automatically, since anyone with brains or talent would naturally want to move on in a couple of years to law school or Wall St. In fact, our nephew, Spence, is graduating from Yale this spring and planning to go into TFA and teach in the Bronx; luckily he got a slot at Morgan Chase reserved for when he’s had enough giving back to society and is ready to move on.

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10 responses to “Muffy’s Diary

  1. Muffy- is there a possibility that I may apply to be your hand maiden when the DOE decides I simply earn ghastly sums of money and sends me off to the rubber room? I’ll still need to put food on my lowly table. Perhaps, if I become your employee, you can send me home with some table scraps on occasion?

  2. 15 More Years,

    Regrettably, Muffy is indisposed at the moment. However, I know that if she were not in the midst of her semi-daily massage with Lars, she’d approve heartily of your sentiments.

    I wonder if you have any sway over this Randi Weingarten, who’s holding a “candlelight vigil” to protest the actions of my buddies Joel and Mikey. Surely someone as perceptive as you will note that public relations are very important. It would be much better if you could persuade her to halt this foolhardy action.

    We’d be eternally grateful, and we could arrange to slip you a few bucks for your trouble.

  3. Master Worthington-
    I would not fear the actions of Randi Weingarten. Perhaps you might have missed it while you were purchasing your newest polo pony- Randi almost never follows through on her words. Since clearly you are a man of some clout, I am certain that, with a few well placed phone calls, you can convince the Clintons of Chappaqua to invite Randi for cocktails on the evening in question. She will abandon the working class so quickly, it will make your proverbial head spin.

  4. Please don’t mention the C-word on this blog, let alone to Muffy. The thought that we would associate with such riff-raff is repugnant. While we certainly hope the GOP prevails, we’ve donated heavily to Obama, as Mikey boy says he shares his views on education.

    So if you are a registered Democrat, we at Billionaires for Educational Reform urge you to vote for Senator Obama. We, of course, will be voting for Sir Rudy, who did such an excellent job of keeping education costs down. As President, we’re certain Sir Rudy will cut educational costs to the bone, while keeping the focus on the highly profitable enterprises begun by George W. Bush.

  5. Lifetime Servant

    As a city teacher, I am in the minority since I support the reforms you so inspire. But I am in the silent minority because there are many bloggers who do put aside union rights for the sake of sucking up. EdWize leads this cause.

    I know this is hard to believe, but our wonderful union leader is secretly on our side. She will make sure we work 24/7 with no benefits. Teachers need to realize this is our calling and not a profession.

  6. Egads Mr. Worthingon- I should have known better than to think you would associate with the likes of democrats.

    I beg your forgiveness.

  7. 15 More Years,

    We will associate with Democrats if it serves our cause, just not the ones that come from that awful family you mention. So forgiveness is not necessary.

    I hope you’re not really planning to work as a teacher for 15 more years. Muffy says two ought to be the limit.

    Lifetime Servant,

    We do not support the 24/7 with no benefits. We feel if servants do not sleep they cannot do a good job. We lean toward a far more reasonable 14/7. I must add that the “lifetime” moniker is disturbing, as Muff says two ought to suffice.

    Perhaps you’d consider household service after those two years. Now there’s a profession you could really make a lifetime of, and we do have a few basement rooms open.

  8. Lifetime Servant

    The school I serve in is worse than an unfinished basement. The building is run down and the equipment and texts are outdated. That is why I feel honored to work in an environment where your money is not wasted on such upgrades. Keep investing in the Leadership Academy and Gotcha Squard.

  9. That’s ripping good! Ripping good! Under Mikey and Joel, the schools are showing the rabble what it will like when they have to work in the real world! Why is all this nasty focus on test results? The true tests are how well they polish the silverware and take messages, for goodness sake.

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