Muffy Tackles Class Size

While Smellington and I were in the Jacuzzi the other day we were discussing the vexing issue of class size.

We’re both rather tired of seeing Mike and Joel beaten up in the media about their refusal to lower the large class sizes in the public schools. Why, I asked Smelly, if parents care so much about smaller classes, don’t they simply send their children to private school, as we do? After all, Mike sent his two lovely daughters to Spence, and Joel’s stepdaughter attended Ms. Porter’s in Connecticut. I’ve heard that at both schools classes are no larger than 14 students or so.

Smellington explained to me that not everyone can afford the $30,000 a year in tuition that these schools cost, but that if public schools were just as good as private schools, there would be less incentive for people to earn enough to afford the tuition and this would weaken one of the prime engines of capitalism. So in order to make sure that our economy keeps purring along, there must be two grades of schools, one with large classes and the other with small classes but unaffordable for the masses, so that they’ll continue to strive upwards.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Muffy Hindenburg



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3 responses to “Muffy Tackles Class Size

  1. I know this will sound like a simply ghastly suggestion- but wouldn’t it be more prudent if city employees actually sent their children to public schools- you know, in hopes that they will understand how all the little people live?

    Muffy -you clearly need a new typist- I know good help is hard to find but really- using a font such as Arial as opposed to Times New Roman- it’s unseemly.

  2. Gadzooks, we know how the little people live. The point is to accustom them early on so they know what to expect. Why on earth would we wish to experience such things? We’re not destined for it. Everyone has a role, and everyone needs to prepare for that role. I mean, if I were going to play polo, I’d use a horse, not a sailboat.

  3. I daresay, Muffy, your logic is right on! Let’s hear it for those golden carrots old girl!

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