First of all, I’d like to thank Chatty Runsforth for his invaluable contribution, and the many of you who’ve come over to investigate our new project. I urge you all to get out your checkbooks for Chatty. It’s important we keep one of our own running City Hall.

That said, I’m a reasonable chap, by all accounts. But this rabble in the schools has just become too much. There comes a time when a chap has to stand up and say, “What ho!”

Now in the video below, early on you see Chancellor Klein, the longest-sitting chancellor in years, taking an important message on his portable telephonic device. Yet the blaggards in this room not only fail to show him due respect, they continue talking. This is outrageous! Why if my servants were to behave in this fashion, they’d be on the street in no time.

Anyhoo, as the meeting continues a slide comes up that indicates class size is the number one concern of city parents. Quite reasonably, the wise gentlemen working for Chancellor Klein simply added together a bunch of other concerns so that class size was no longer the main issue.

Yet some upstart on the board takes exception to this wise decision and dares to question it! Now I’m not one to criticize Mikey Bloomberg, but for goodness sakes, why doesn’t he simply fire that bounder? Give him his severance pay and toss him into the street!

No more mollycoddling! Let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps, just like I did.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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6 responses to “Outrageous!

  1. My lord and master, “Mikey” Bloomberg, is a wise old chap. Rather than “fire that bounder”, as you so eloquently stated, he will find a way to torment and torture the poor soul, so that he resigns of his own accord. No severance pay, no pension, nary a kind word for his efforts. It’s part of his master plan, and I am most surprised that a person of insight such as yourself did not recognize this.

  2. Lifetime Servant

    It was I that Klein was texting. He reminded me to wear my little French maid outfit and bring lots of chalk and graphic organizers for our “meeting” later on.

    We love going over ways we can avoid the issue of smaller class size on our giant king-sized bed.

  3. I say, I do hope that’s what Mikey has in mind.

    I’d appreciate it if posters would treat Joel with the respect he’s due. It makes no difference how or where he gets his reform ideas. The important thing is that he keep doing it.

    I shall have much to say about this class size nonsense.

  4. Smellington,

    A point of clarification from the “upstart” appearing in the video: I am appointed by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and don’t work for the mayor or chancellor in any capacity. The Panel is comprised of eight mayoral appointees, five from the borough presidents and two students. The students don’t get to vote.


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  6. Patrick,

    It’s deeply disappointing that you fail to show the respect due to this administration. As I’ve written today, their brilliant innovations know no bounds. I mean, who’d have expected them to bring such good old days back to New York City? That was a bold step.

    If you’re so smart, why is it Muffy and I never see you at the Century Club?

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