A Few Brilliant Thoughts

Tally-Ho, Smelly old chap –

Your “Modest Proposal”, while lacking the dramatic quality of the Jonathan Swift original, is one which I should be sure to adopt immediately upon being crowned – I mean, being elected Mayor. By the way, I’ve already had one applicant to be my schools Chancellor. I told him I’d try him out in the stables first, we’ll see how he stacks up to Klein in the manure shoveling department.

Believe it or not, I’m still typing this blog drivel myself. Hired a recent NY City high school graduate to be my secretary, but she couldn’t type a whit. Whenever I dictated to her, she kept asking me if this was going to be on the test. Then she took out a number 2 pencil and asked me where were the little bubbles to fill out. Curious, that! Now, I know Mikey and his lawyer friend Joel know what they’re doing, which is training the unwashed to be better and more high tech servants, so I have to think that this girl as a high school graduate is capable of doing my bidding.

I’ve got it now, by Jove! I must put all my dictation in the form of  multiple choice tests. That’s what they’re training the students to do, they’ll do a bang-up job that way. Brilliant, Mikey! Brilliant, Joel! An educational policy worthy of a billionaire!

Cheerio till next time, old bean.

Chatsworth Runforth III



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3 responses to “A Few Brilliant Thoughts

  1. Lifetime Servant

    You are so right. In order to cut costs, we must cut experienced teachers. This will bring the price of education down–way down.

  2. I will assist in the cost cutting efforts. Would it help if I wove copy paper out of dryer lint?

  3. I say, it’s smashing that you workers are so with us. Don’t forget to vote for Chatty. He will implement all of the programs we talk about here.

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