What Is the Meaning of This?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of brouhaha over James Liebman. Now let me state uncategorically that Jimmy is a fine man, just bully, and he’s done a lot to make sure New York City gets just what he deserves. When that preposterous survey showed the number one concern of parents was class size, he was able to add several other categories and show that what they said was not actually what they wanted.

Now the other day, a bunch of rabble wanted to give him a petition of some sort, claiming to have given birth to some local urchins. Now anyone can have children, even the lower classes, so what’s so special about that? In any case, Jimmy had just spent three hours answering impertinent questions from several ill-mannered politicians. Naturally, he was exhausted and wanted to retire to his club. So why on earth couldn’t the rabble have saved their petitions for a more convenient occasion?

What’s a few extra months, or years, when you’ve got a plan? You know none of these rabble have portfolios, so they’re patently incapable of thinking long term. I suggest they publicly apologize to Jimmy and declare their allegiance to Mikey and Joel, who’ve clearly done everything possible to minimize the bad publicity these awful schools tend to generate.

For the love of Smedley, wake up America, and smell the caviar!

Smellington G. Worthington III



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3 responses to “What Is the Meaning of This?

  1. Rabble

    Something smells like caviar in here.

  2. Smedley Snippington IV

    Smelly, my boy, I’m touched that you still love me after all these years. And you remembered the caviar! Ah, the good times at Choate. Smashing good blog, this is. About time someone put that riff raff in their places. “Stakeholders” indeed! As if they were the ones spending all those billions to get elected like Mikey did.

  3. Ah, Smedley. Good to hear from you. I’d thought you were still on safari with Blanton. Yes I certainly hope those plebs learn their place. We will certainly keep trying to educate them, though having been to public schools their comprehension skills are certainly lacking.

    Don’t be a stranger, Smed old bean.

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