A Banner Day

I say, it’s a great day for billionaires everywhere, as the US Supreme Court finally restores fairness to campaigning

Previously, if someone like Mike, or me, were to wish to purchase City Hall, our opponents, simply by virtue of their poverty, would have been able to accept triple contributions from individual donors.  Now I ask you, is it fair that we should be discriminated against simply because we know which hedge funds merit investment?  Is it our fault if our opponents have squandered their trust funds?

Let me be the first to say bully for our great court, and shame on the New York Times for favoring the Bootless and Unhorsed over those who are truly entitled.  We’ve taken this country and made it into what it is today, and billionaires are suffering less than at any time in our history.

Hip, hip, hooray!


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One response to “A Banner Day

  1. It’s an in-built system of checks and balances. The poor can vote that the rich give all their money away. The rich don’t have enough of a majority to have any real say at all. Their money is, ironically, the only thing protecting their money.

    Complicated isn’t it? :-O

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