I’m Appalled

I’ve been perusing the internets of late, and I’ve come across this absolutely ghastly NYC Public School Parents blog.  They are upset, evidently, that Joel pays his people so well.  What are these people, communists?  Then, when I examine the fine print, it turns out they’re earning a mere 150-180 thousand per year.  Gad, the indignity.

I say, you can’t even buy a house for 180 thousand nowadays.  Where do you people get off calling that a high salary?

Heavens to Betsy, these are the sort of people who have to settle for simple first-class reservations when it would be more efficacious to charter a private aircraft, settling for American caviar rather than Beluga, and generally making a muck of it.

Why aren’t these people working?  Too much leisure time for the bootless and unhorsed.  When the Smellington Academies go national, we’ll put them in their place, and we won’t stop at 6 days a week, like those noncomittal KIPP schools.  Weak as water, that’s what they are.



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3 responses to “I’m Appalled

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