A Smashing Notion

Gad, it’s been so long since I’ve read something quite so inspirational as this piece in the National Review.   Let’s not have this upstart new president tossing away precious tax dollars on education.   It’s quite reasonable to determine that spending on the bootless and unhorsed, like public school students, and public school teachers, is just appeasing the rabble.  Where’s the upside in that?

As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, having no experience, the great unwashed has no notion what to do with capital, and will fritter it away rather than investing it properly.  After all, they lack things like food and housing, and tend to toss away decent cash on things as short-sighted as rent.  I ask you, how can you entrust money with people who’d use it in such a pointless fashion?

When you use money in the private sector, you’ve pretty much got a guarantee on your investment.  Sure, the doubting Thomases wil chant, they may lose money.  But in America today, when rich people lose money, the government comes to our aid, placing all its resources at our disposal.  Will they do such a thing for bottom-feeders who choose to spend their money on absurd non-starters like rent?  Certainly not.

Furthermore, the authors stress the importance of 12-month education.  Certainly these little urchins ought not to have time off, as we’re training them for a lifetime of labor.  Some academies now offer six days of education, and it’s time we made it seven.  Let’s get back to the good old days, when we told them, “If you don’t report Sunday, don’t bother showing up Monday.”

Billionaires for Education Reform say “Bully” to these forward thinkers.


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