A Devil of a Time

I say, that’s what I had trying to find this excellent piece of writing by one Mike Petrelli.  I was led there by this “Eduwonkette” gal, whom I assume to be a tool of the bootless and unhorsed.  In any case, Mr. Petrelli makes the smashing argument that teachers are getting health insurance on the cheap and thus don’t value it at all.  I couldn’t agree more.

So what does a teacher care about health?  A teacher might go out and eat until he or she feels like stopping, a privilege that rightly belongs to PLU.  That’s why teachers ought not to be given money, as plebs never know how to invest it properly and consequently fritter it away on things like food.  Thus, those of us who’ve invested in health-related companies face ever-decreasing profit margins.  Teachers at the Smellington Academy will be compensated not in currency, but in scrip, redeemable at the company store (which Muffy has christened “The Smellington Boutique”–I’d have her comment but she’s currently instructing that blasted poolboy in the finer points of managing the fluids).

I say, Bravo Old Chap!, to Mr. Petrelli, and a round of boos to that awful Eduwonkette, who clearly hasn’t thought the matter through.


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