That Is So Last Season

Smelly just pointed me to this article on the Gotham Schools page.  Honestly, I can’t believe that people are calling themselves Republicans anymore.  It’s well-known the current practice is to refer to one’s self as a “Democrat” when supporting KIPP.  Whenever anyone asks Smelly or I about our political associations, we always say, “We’re Democrats.”

Now of course we don’t vote for Democrats, except for Mikey, and in his defense, last time he ran on the Republican line.  I believe he’s going to do so again this time.  So I urge you, in the meaning of good taste, to call yourself a Democrat as well.  People will take you more seriously.

Unfortunately I must dash, as Raul is getting impatient.  It takes a lot of work to cultivate a pool boy who will do the job well, I’m afraid.

Muffy Worthington


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