Deep Disappointment

That’s what I feel as I stroll the streets today and see all the urchins lollygagging about.  There’s simply no reason for that, and once we open the Smellington Academy they’ll know what it means to get a job done.  And the riffraff on the street!  Why aren’t these people working, for the love of Smedley?

I say, I support Mikey and Joel with the best of them (and of course I wouldn’t consider association with anyone else) but you have to draw the line somewhere.  I mean, it’s bad enough they aren’t coming in weekends.  Let’s not compound this outrage.

I shall have a talk with Mikey and we’ll see the urchins trudge through the snow next time, as well they should.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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4 responses to “Deep Disappointment

  1. KIPP teacher

    I agree. Kids should go to school every day. I don’t know about Sundays, though, when a lot of people go to church.

  2. augustsmythe

    Good heavens! Is that what happened? They closed the schools? Thank goodness! For a moment there, I thought there was a prison break!

    You are right, however, Smelly. How ever will we get the rabble to work 80 hour weeks if we get them used to things like days off?

  3. KIPP teacher

    At Eva Moskowitz’s charter school, the kids went in to prepare for a test.

  4. I say, Smith-Smythe, you’re so right. This Moskowitz gal has got the right stuff, it appears. I’m going to call Mikey right this minute and insist he give her a few more schools.

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