All Atwitter

That’s what I am when I see that young man Barack Obama on the television talking about school reform.  He’ll get charter schools into every corner of this nation!  I see Smellington Academies in every nook and cranny of this country.  Recession be damned!

Do you know how much money there is in education, even in bad times?  Billions upon billions!  And till now, it’s been frittered away on urchins and malcontents who have no idea what it’s worth!  I say, Muffy can get another yacht, and another yachtboy if need be.  Why should we be restricted to the one?

This Barack chap is just what the masses need, and the good times are just beginning!

Smellington G. Worthington III



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2 responses to “All Atwitter

  1. augustsmythe

    I must say, I’m thinking of jumping in myself! Where can I pick up some of these schools? Can I buy them on the internet or should I just send my accountant round to the mayor with a check? I think it would be most awfully fun to create a school in my own image, don’t you know!

  2. I say, Smythe, why don’t you get involved with the Smellington Academy? Or you could start your own chain. There are plenty of profits to be had for all! It’s a veritable bonanza, I say.

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