Laws Are for the Little People

The execrable NY Senate has failed to renew mayoral control.  However, those of us in position to do something about it firmly support Mikey in his efforts to spearhead reform.  It’s well known that important initiatives like the Smellington Academy simply could not move forward without the leadership of people like Mikey and Joel.

That’s why I’m so heartened by this article in today’s Times, suggesting that it would be business as usual whether or not the law was continued.  There’s no sense at all in letting the rabble get involved in schools.  Schools are big money, and only people with money know what to do with it.

So don’t panic, New York.  No-bid contracts are here to stay.  Joel is firmly at the helm, and there’s no way he’s going to allow the bootless and unhorsed to interfere with the important business of making profits.  Thank goodness Mikey isn’t hampered by things like votes or laws.

Everything will be the same, so please don’t panic.

Smellington G. Worthington III


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  1. Winderhorn B. Frutwither Jr.

    Smashing, Smelly, just smashing. I shall share this at the club.

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