What Rot

I say, when I read things like this on the internets, they go right up my nose.  What sort of bounder publishes embarrassing photos of Mikey like that one?  Not only that, but this chap is outright disrespectful not only to Mikey, but to the entire concept of mayoral control.

I say, hear hear to Mikey for refusing to compromise in any way.  The only way to get the rabble in line is to control their education from the beginning, without any of this flapadoodle from the bootless and unhorsed.  Oh, the parents have to have their say.  I say, what on earth do these parents know?  If they had any sense they’d be rich.

Now sure Mikey is new money, which means he’s not as well-versed in the stuff as those of us who’ve always had it, but honestly, can you really compare Mikey, the richest chap in the city (hear hear!) to the rabble?  I say, hip, hip hooray, and for he’s a jolly good fellow!  Those who think otherwise are not worthy to touch the hem of his garment.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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5 responses to “What Rot

  1. KIPP teacher

    I still think your ideas would be more effective if you stopped calling people rabble. It’s just not nice. I agree with you that Mayor Bloomberg has done a great job and needs to stay in control.

  2. augustsmythe

    In the old days, when chaps like that got it too far up their noses, they would be flogged within an inch of their lives. Freedom of speech for the unwashed is the end of civilization as we know it!

    KIPP teacher, I bought several KIPP schools a while back because I thought it would be a jolly good wheeze, don’t you know. Then I was stabbed in the back when some of the rabble I hired to teach there actually tried to unionize! I mean to say! What else would you call such ingrates who are lucky to have jobs?

  3. KIPP teacher

    We don’t need unions. For us it’s all about the kids.

  4. Super inafimotrve writing; keep it up.

  5. kimk, is it me or does it seem that David is getting more buzz now than he had before he left on his mission Perez Hilton took the cake with his miss statement about the mission thing…loved how the Archuposse swooped down and put him on track lol

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