Things Are Coming Along Swimmingly

I say, it appears Mikey and Joel have employed a Goldman Sachs hypnotherapist for a piddling 374K per annum, and the rabble is already hooting about it.  There’s some uncouth individual by the name of “Reality Based Educator” whining simply because he was hired by another Goldman Sachs alum.

That’s the way the world works, old chap.  It’s all about connections.  If you went to Yale, of course you’ll look for similar-minded individuals.  Why are such individuals even permitted to comment on the internet?  We’ll see about this nonsense.

I say Bravo, Mikey, for allowing the grand tradition of the old boys network to flourish in our fair municipality!  May you rule for many decades to come!

Smellington G. Worthington III


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One response to “Things Are Coming Along Swimmingly

  1. J. Pilkington Bottomworth

    I say, Smelly, isn’t it grand that Mikey has gotten in for another term. I thought the plebs would keep him out after all that referendum nonsense. Thank goodness things have fallen back into place!

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