Jolly Good News

I say, Mikey really outdid himself last night, shutting all those nasty public schools.  I’ve every confidence we can place a Smellington Academy in every darn one of them.  Perhaps we’ll install multiple Smellington Academies.  We need only change the name.

Muffy could certainly frolic in the pool at Jamaica to their heart’s content.   Perhaps we can finally let go of that blasted poolboy.  I’m getting a sight tired of finding the hopeless young man lost in my closet with half his clothes missing.  Confidentially, I think his brain is addled or something.

Anyway, jolly good show with all those hearings and whatnot, giving the unruly rabble time to vent their cut-rate spleens and then moving ahead with business.  After all, business is business.

This school business is going to make us all twice as rich, thrice as rich.  Why waste all those tax dollars on teachers?  If they were smart enough to be teachers, they wouldn’t be paying taxes anyway.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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2 responses to “Jolly Good News

  1. canwetalk

    Old adage:

    It’s easier for a poor man to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get to heaven.

    Your wealth will definitely not get you there.

    Never relish the defeat of those in the community that believe in public schools.

  2. I say, old chap, if you want to go crawling through needles, that’s entirely your affair. But this talk of the community is simply piffle. Mikey makes all the decisions, and you plebs voted him in!

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