Bravo for Donors Choose

I say, I was just reading this reprehensible piece of trash on the internets when I noticed there was some group called Donors Choose encouraging teachers to see Waiting for Superman.  For the uninitiated, Waiting for Superman is a really boffo film that explains how bad teacher unions are, and how we need to replace unionized schools with charters forthwith.  Naturally, this is a message that needs to be peddled to the great unwashed, and this organization has dedicated itself to making sure teachers see it.

In fact, at the Smellington Academy, viewing of this film will be mandatory for any teachers wishing to work for us.  They should be proud to receive this information.  Though they will not be on the clock for viewing the film, we will give them all two full hours in the evening to see it.  We will require, of course, a favorable review of at least 1200 words, but otherwise it will be strictly a pleasurable experience.

We at the Smellington Academy are always on the lookout for boffo organizations like Donor Choose, and if the chap who dreamt up this admirable plan should ever find himself at a loose end, there are always management positions open at the academy.

Cheerio, all.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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13 responses to “Bravo for Donors Choose

  1. KIPP Teacher

    It is very good that they support this excellent film. I hope everyone sees it too. It’s not really about KIPP but there are some other charters that are very good and also deserve attention.

    • Anonymous

      KIPP Teacher. . . you ARE retarded, right? Either that or you’re a TFAer or a NYC Teaching Fellow. . . d-d-d-d-oy.

      • Just a teacher

        Anonymous . . . I guess you don’t know what KIPP is. I suggest you Google it–and read what people like Diane Ravitch say about it, not just what KIPP itself says.

      • KIPP Teacher

        That’s so rude. The problem with you unionized teachers is all you care about is money. You should be worried about the children. You don’t appreciate thoughtful sites like this because you are all so selfish. It’s good films like these are coming out so people will know what you are really like. I think everyone should use Donors Choose.

  2. I say, I’m growing quite fond of KIPP teachers. I shall write the company a check on Monday.

  3. shelly

    I thought the post was sarcasm!!! I work in DC and believe me if I could secure some Kryptonite Rhee would be gone !!

  4. BronxEnglish

    Oh yes it’s all about Ms. Moneybags Professional Teacher here in the South Bronx, workin’ my tail off at three jobs so I can make my mortgage. Oh yeah. . . when I went and got my two master’s degrees, I went into education for the MONEY. Scads and scads of it! I sometimes bathe in it, you know. The Jacksons are good for exfoliating.
    Kipp Teacher, you are SO pathetically obtuse that you don’t even remotely “get” this blog. It goes directly through your head, much like radio waves through air, with no interfering intellect to collide with. You answer posts like Lou Costello gasping in a horror film. No wonder Worthington likes you 😉

    No, Kipp “Teacher”: the truth is, the vast majority of professional teachers care passionately about their students, are insanely curious about why no one in power ever seems to listen to the mountains of evidence about class size (because any teacher with just a few years’ experience KNOWS–oh yeah, do we know!!!), and as for money, we’d just like a living wage, thank you, and we’d like to not be afraid for our jobs each and every day for no good reason (that’s part of why we are teachers/civil servants–there are protections in place for us to offset the enormous paychecks and bonuses we are NOT ever going to get). We also are embarrassed by the SMALL minority of bad teachers who should have been out of the profession BEFORE they were granted tenure (I’m talking probably less than ten percent–and whose fault was that? Ummmm administration).
    But then again, all this is WAY over your head, ain’t it.

    • I say, that’s a bit disrespectful old chap. KIPP teacher is one of the few of you lot who really gets what’s important. What’s the point of tossing money to plebs such as yourself when you have no idea what to do with it? You’d fritter it away on rent and food and poof! It would be gone.

      It’s far better that money should stay in the hands of those of us who’ll invest it and make it grow. Really, your ignorance about money surely explains why you have none.

      Must dash, Muffy and the poolboy are coming out of the cabana. They’ve been in there three days and it’s been a bit of a bother.

      • BronxEnglish

        Worthington. . . I am falling for you. . . fast. Your rhetoric is light years beyond funny.

  5. KIPP Teacher

    Boy I can’t believe how nasty the public school teachers are. No wonder everyone is against them. KIPP is the way of the future, and you should feel lucky there are sites like this that support it. I want to thank Mr. Worthington for his generous donation. It’s money well-spent, invested in our youth.

    That’s why we teach. It’s not all about money.

    • BronxEnglish

      Naaaah. No one, not even a Kipp “teacher,” could be this dumb. It’s a diabolically clever put-on.


      • I say, chap, don’t be so rough on this fellow. His heart’s in the right place and his shortcomings surely have no significant effect on his workload or product quality.

  6. KIPP Teacher

    Thank you again Mr. Worthington. It’s unfortunate the public school crowd has to resort to name calling.

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