Bravo to this Obama Chap

I say, it’s refreshing to finally have a President who openly admits the needs of the rich outweigh those of the poor.  This Obama fellow, it appears, threatened to veto any bill that would take money away from Race to the Top.  As readers are no doubt aware, Race to the Top encourages innovations from chaps like Bill Gates, yours truly, and those lovable Wal-Mart folks.  We have priorities and we know what’s important.

When we get to close a public school and drain it of unionized employees, it’s good for business.  As any fool knows, what’s good for business is good for America.  Otherwise, why would the government see fit to bail us out whenever we find ourselves in a bit of a tizzy?  It’s brilliant of the Obama fellow to take the funds from food stamps.  What on earth do people produce by using food stamps?  It is, frankly, one of the most unproductive uses of money I can imagine.  What does it produce?

To take it a step further, what would happen if one of the great unwashed consumed something poisonous?  Would the government step in to help?  Hopefully not, as that would cause even more drain on society, and possibly lead to a tax increase for PLUs.  On the other hand, if I were to make a spectacularly unfavorable investment, you can be sure that this government would fly to my rescue and cover it, as they did last year.

It’s fairly clear that investing in rich people involves no risk whatsoever, while investing in the bootless and unhorsed is a dicey prospect indeed.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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11 responses to “Bravo to this Obama Chap

  1. KIPP Teacher

    KIPP got 50 million! We can help a lot of kids with that money. Obama is a great president, your absolutely right.

  2. Ah, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as seeing government money support your pet projects. The best thing is to place seed money, start programs that will reduce our taxes, and watch the public sector pay for them indefinitely. This is truly a great country.

  3. you are absolutely correct, this is about priorities. the capitalist state is trying to recover the money the they lost in their attempt to prop up the banks. not only that, understanding fully well that the underlying conditions that create the banking crisis is not resolved, they ear-marked even more funds in the last round of financial “regulations” for the next bail-out.

    this money – of course – does not fall from the trees. the amount of money, and the rate at which it is exchanged are mapped to the value of goods and services in a society. if money is spent on frivolous exercises, it has to be taken from another (possibly non-frivolous) activity.

    currently, the economic catastrophe that was unleashed by the speculative idiocy of the banks are being shouldered by the tax payers. The capitalist state has used its monopoly power to hand the bail out. It is currently using its monopoly power to recover this money by cutting down on all manner of social service, public education, health care being high on the list.

    please read my article on this, that i have analyzed at some depth:

  4. KIPP Teacher

    I think your being sarcastic. That’s not appropriate when we’re having a discussion about all the good the President has done.

  5. Citizen X

    Any comments re. this interesting bit of news?
    ….With the endowment to NCEE paying out 3.6 million a year, I’d say that your friend Marc Tucker really knows how to make money in the edubiz! How much do you think he sold America’s Choice for? And why don’t more you do real for profit companies? And then you can give endowments — all tax free, yes? — to make more terrific policy such as Tough Choices or Tough Times.

  6. I say, chap, those are terrific suggestions. 3.6 million a year is a bit low but it’s a good start. With a bit of planning we can do better. There are billions to be had in education and we’re just getting in on the ground floor.

  7. Over the past 48 hours, I’ve been involved in a little dance with NBC.

    My problem with the national education “SUMMIT” NBC is hosting next week is that the ‘invitation-only’ panel is stacked with pro education privatisation reformers and not a parent in sight…. nor any working teachers…

    The guest list is here:

    Guests range from Michelle Rhee to Joel Klein to Arne Duncan; the guests are all Broad or Gates Foundation people or charter school chain owners.

    National education system reform under discussion – where are the parents?

    And look at the Sponsors…

    All have a vested interest in making sure this education ‘deform’ agenda implementation is completed.

    I challenged NBC on why its leaving out of the discussion the biggest stakeholders in this equation, and so far, no response….

    I pointed them in the direction of highly informed, articulate people who were well qualified to participate in this ‘dialogue’ – no response except to block me….

    Yesterday they were trying to buy my silence by offering an op ed space on the Education Nation website, today they’ve unfriended me and taken all my critical comments (and the research and references supporting those comments) off their pages…

    Here’s the chronology, starting yesterday morning (Wednesday 15 Sept)…

    Just finished an interesting (power and control) phone conversation with Ryan Osborn, the producer of this website/programme….¬if_t=feed_comment_reply

    I couldnt get him to agree to put parents on the panel (he said they tried to get Diane Ravitch but she wasnt available – I suggested Prof Zhao as an alternative) but to buy me off and shut me up they’ve offered me an op ed piece on their website…

    Who has anything they want to say??????? No limit, just no slander!

    Here’s what I wrote back (on the Education Nation facebook page):
    I’d like to thank Ryan at NBC for contacting me and having a telephone conversation a few minutes ago. Ryan and I have something in common – we are both journalists with an ethical responsibility for providing both sides of an discussion/issue.

    While Ryan said he/NBC had heard our concerns he could not offer parents (the largest stakeholders in this education reform equation) and other critics of the education ‘reform’ agenda a place on the panel.

    He said that Diane Ravitch had been invited but was not free on these dates… I suggested he invite Professor Zhao – he did not give me an answer one way or another.

    He did very generously offer me the opportunity to write an op-ed piece for the Education Nation website, which I will gratefully accept… though I did point out that an op-ed hidden somewhere on a website that people have to search to find, is no match in terms of airing contrary perspectives for the public exposure the very wealthy education reformers will be getting from this summit.

    Sadly, most of us parents around the country do not have the billions of dollars that the Gates, Broad and Milken Foundations and Raytheon, Phoenix University and Microsoft etc have to throw at this effort to mould and control the discussion… But I will take what I can get, albeit a very small bone….

    Ryan did give me some feedback I shall bear in mind – he felt my many posts were repetitive, intimidating and shutting out of other points of view… I will think on that – though how that is possible on a facebook page, which has no limit on comment postings, I dont know….

    And I then added the comment:
    I just had feedback from someone in contact with Diane Ravitch that while she is in California on the dates of the Summit, she did offer to provide a taped segment as her contribution to the debate… apparently that was not good enough… quite sad, really…

    Then this morning, I got this message from Ryan:
    We are getting complaints from other users that you are dominating conversation. Please consider this is a warning. If your tone continues, we will have to block you. Moderation is a necessary part of keeping a civil discussion online. Thank you.

    If you want to write an op-ed for our website you can submit it to my email.

    Thank you.

    I wrote back and asked who was complaining, saying it was only fair that I know my accusers – anyone can google me and find out all about me, but anonymous complaints, not made directly to me are rather hard to prove and not quite playing fair.

    I noted that there were first amendment issues at stake here, that NBC as a ‘news’ organisation had a public duty and ethical responsibility to present both sides of the issue and it currently was not… and that, as a fellow journalist, I was concerned about that….

    I posted a list of links of material that people might like to check out that put forward a view alternative to the panellists – such as the film Race to Nowhere ( and also listed some individuals and parent groups around the country NBC could approach, who would be more than happy to give the parent voice to this ‘SUMMIT’…

    No response – just blocked from posting and commenting… cant even ‘like’ anyone else’s comments :-(((((

    I note the several financial conflicts of interest NBC is caught in by hosting this summit..

  8. phillipmarlowe

    Not only did he get money for billionaires, he got the professional reformers and the media to blame the teacher unions for agreeing to cut food stamps for money for teachers.

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