Pish Posh


That’s all I have to say to the naysayers who carp endlessly about Mikey’s alleged shortcomings regarding the recent storm. I say, take a look at our street. The chauffeur had no issue whatsoever ungaraging the limo, and I’ve no doubt Mikey’s chauffeur had no problem either.

Those who complain have only themselves to blame. Had they the good sense to move into a good neighborhood, onto a decent street, they’d have no problems whatsoever. For the love of Smedley, is it Mikey’s fault if their chauffeurs are unable to manage? Sack them all, say I, and seek out replacements with intestinal fortitude! Yet another upside is, as beginners, these rabble will certainly accept lower compensation. Why waste one’s hard-inherited capital on exorbitant salaries when one could invest in a bank and see an upside?

Mikey is doing an excellent job, and has seen to it once again that those who count are taken care of. It’s not as though properties in good neighborhoods are unavailable. One simply has to have the wherewithal to purchase in the right place, and one will be well-taken care of. It’s as plain as the nose on Joel Klein’s face, which I shall miss dearly. Fortunately he’s always an email away. And for those of you who have criticized Joel as unresponsive, I find he immediately responds to my missives. You need only be polite, live in the right neighborhood, and give generously to the right causes. I never cease to be amazed at the lack of foresight and courtesy in your average rabble.

I will wholeheartedly support Mikey when he seeks his fourth term. Anyone who does not simply lacks the judgment it takes to benefit from the system, which can be easily circumvented. I’ve graciously provided several examples in this very piece, and if one chooses not to avail one’s self of them, one has only one’s self to blame.

And one more tip–if you failed to plan, and live on one of those unimportant side streets, have the chauffeurs band together and dig out the street. For goodness sake, it’s not as if they’ve got anything better to do!



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15 responses to “Pish Posh

  1. Fourth term!! For the love of the pool boy, say it ain’t so!

  2. KIPP Teacher

    I think the mayor needs to clean all the streets. I understand he might want to clean his own street first but everybody needs to get out.

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  4. Dumpster

    One day I will take a nice royal dump by the Mayor’s door.

  5. J. Pilkington Grasscalfarber

    Zounds, Smelly, you need to regulate who may and may not post here.

  6. Muffy

    Dear Smelly: what are you doing wasting your time on this blog, when you could be making me cocktails down at poolside at our little cottage in Palm Beach? Enough already. Mike can do very well without your feeble defense, thank you very much!

  7. Muffy


    It was not I who wrote the above. How tacky, to have such a thing as a little cottage in Palm Beach. J. Pilkington is correct.

  8. Sometimes the rabble needs an outlet. They may spout their bile here, and it’s certainly preferable to their taking action elsewhere. After all, who really wants a bunch of blithering yahoos on one’s doorstep with torches and pitchforks?

    Unless, of course, they’re demanding tax cuts for us, as they seem to do more often than not lately.

  9. I have to commend our Emperor, Mike Bloomberg, for keeping the City open for the out-of-town carriage trade – Broadway remained opened throughout the blizzard…His elitism should be emulated by every chief executive in the country…The outer borough peons need to realize that the Emerald City is not for them despite their paying taxes – how dare they want services, it’s about time they learn that the rich and entitled class gets preference that comes with their privileged status…Keep up the good work, Smelly 3 sticks…

  10. Privileged and proud

    For goodness sakes…when will the riff raff finally understand they are completely irrelevant? By all measures, the average American has become redundant; replaced by affordable, overseas labor and simple, technological advances.
    Haven’t they realized the future of the working class lies outside of our shores? Ask our new Chancellor – she has the right idea http://gothamschools.org/2010/12/15/cathie-blacks-school-visits-take-her-to-the-good-skip-the-bad/

  11. I say, it’s encouraging to see our efforts to educate the riff-raff have been so effective. Thank you so much for your comments. We will redouble our efforts. After all, why should we be satisfied with simply doubling them?

  12. paper doll

    What forth term? Didn’t you get the memo? Mike Bloomberg alredy is NY mayor for life! lol!

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