Bravo, Wisconsin!

I say, this is encouraging, a breath of fresh air if ever there’s been one.  Finally, a governor has taken action against the odious ruffians who always go on about wanting more money. Now that the tax burden has finally been lowered on those of us who know how to handle capital, the infernal government still needs a way to cover its expenses. It makes perfect sense to take it from the peasants, who in any case fritter it away on frivolities like food and rent.

This chap has eliminated this troublesome “collective bargaining” claptrap, and has also made sure these blasted unions cannot collect dues. Such funds will be given on a voluntary basis from the rabble that would otherwise be compelled to contribute, and this is smashing news. We won’t have those wretched unions to kick around anymore, and we won’t need to tolerate their blasted messages, “Oh, we need health care,” or, “Oh, we can’t make a living,” or “Oh, we need trained teachers.”

The fact is, we could easily train the bootless and unhorsed to work at Walmart or some other such odious location. They seem to flock to such places, so why should they not be employed there? And the sooner we rid ourselves of these troublesome unions, the sooner we’ll be able to place them there. Education should be offered on a strictly for-profit basis, and should be run by those in the business of business.

Mikey is quite right that those who disrespected Cathie are an affront to democracy. Soon we shall clear that up, and democracy will be whatever Mikey says it is. That’s as it should be. It’s folly to entrust the rabble with democracy. Soon we shall tell them precisely what democracy is, and they will like it, or be pummeled by the National Guard.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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15 responses to “Bravo, Wisconsin!

  1. Nice article, Smelly.

    Wish you had a twitter account.

  2. KIPP Teacher

    I don’t really think you should talk about students like that. It’s good that you support charters and all, but it’s really not good to use nasty words like peasants. We’re only trying to help these children.

  3. Ray,

    I say, it’s not on to wish people diseases. How does one treat this Twitter account? Is surgery necessary or may one simply take a pill? Is it sexually transmitted? I have a fear of such things.

    KIPP Teacher,

    When one refers to persons of no account, one must use appropriate terminology. One doesn’t wish the ruffians to get the wrong idea.

  4. Actually, KIPP has a good point.

    If we’re going to take these children — those whose families are in no position to get them placed in an exclusive private school — and turn them into the laborers and domestic servants of tomorrow through our corporate owned, fully privatized, “charter” schools, we must find appropriate terminology.

    Would “drones” or “worker bees” be good terms to distinguish them from our elite offspring?

    • I say, Ray, I like the cut of your jib. You’d be first class material for the board of our upcoming Smellington Academy! I shall alert Muffy to keep you in mind just as soon as I find her and that blasted poolboy.

  5. Well thank you Smelly. If we’re to use “education” as a means of developing an underclass to serve us properly, we’ve got to stay on top of these things. If we don’t package things properly, the underlings might get wind of our plan.

  6. KIPP Teacher

    With all due respect, you hurt the cause when you speak like that. It’s all about helping the children, and giving them the options they truly need. That’s why we’re all in this. The changes in Wisconsin will help.

  7. Dear KIPP Teacher:

    With all due respect, privatizing our public schools is good for the billionaires who will own them, and whose children and grandchildren won’t have to attend them.

    So carry on with your work, but don’t let the masses know what you’re really up to.

    • Zounds that KIPP fellow can be tedious at times. Is is my fault the bootless and unhorsed are bootless and unhorsed? What’s in a word? Rabble by any other name are still rabble, and must be organized in some fashion.

      And if there’s profit to be made doing so, by Jove, that’s the American way.

  8. Fluffy McPensionplan

    Ay do say, dear chap- what a jolly job you’ve done congratulating Mr. Walker for his victory against the plebeians. I say we all make haste to the Capitol building in Madison to stand up with Tea Drinkers who will march in tomorrow! We’ll show them ‘Solidarity’!
    Do have your people call my people, Smellington, and we’ll see you in Wisconsin!
    Pip pip!

  9. Actually we have a weapon better than tear gas. We’ve bought the union leaders and even if we can’t shut them up, we will just call them and they will agree to take more from the peasants and give it to us.

    Unfortunately, we have to let them take the union dues, but that is ok by us, it all comes from the peasants and makes them poorer which makes them even more dependent on us – good deal all around.

    But we just don’t enjoy talking to these union leaders – even the peasants hate them. It is no fun talking to cowards, we give that job to our good friends the Democrats.

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