An Alarming Trend

I say, when the unwashed hordes descend on the capital demanding this and that, it’s disturbing. For the love of Smedley, can’t those despicable Wisconsin residents stick to their cheese and leave the rest of us alone? Apparently they cannot. They have to have their pensions, and their medical benefits, and what they call their “right” to negotiate working conditions. Working conditions should rightfully be dictated by employers, and thank goodness this bold governor is standing up to them.

Nonetheless, should these persons of no account prevail, the results will prove highly unprofitable. In fact, such a move could provoke government to reverse the sensible tax breaks we’ve received on not only a national level, but a local level as well. We must stop this at any cost. Fortunately there are trends here in my beloved New York that could be a model for the rest of the country. Joel is doing a smashing job at Education Reform Now, with a commercial suggesting we get rid of overpaid teachers. Should this quest succeed, we could replace teachers every few years, save millions, and pass the savings onto the booted and horsed in the form of tax breaks.

This is a battle we must win, and I certainly hope the Wisconsin governor musters the intestinal fortitude to gas the rabble in and around the statehouse. We’ve been very successful in persuading the American public the best way for their advancement is worsening working conditions for those doing better than they are. In fact, no civilization I know of has managed to get such a message out before, and this is an opportunity we must not squander. As long as the peasants are out there fighting for tax cuts for the moneyed classes, we can look ever upward.

But this rabble and hoo-hah in Wisconsin must be stopped now.



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7 responses to “An Alarming Trend

  1. KIPP Teacher

    I don’t like that you call people unwashed because we don’t really know that. You’re right that we need to stop these unions. They should let the process go and then if they don’t like it they can elect someone else. Teachers shouldn’t act like that, they should be dedicated to the kids.

    • I say, what tiresome rot. Teachers should do what they’re told. I’ve told you they’re unwashed, and that is rightfully the end of the matter!

    • OKaye

      It’s very sad that you’re a teacher and don’t understand the art of satire.

      • KIPP Teacher

        Everyone needs to have manners. That’s how we teach children and we have to practice what we preach. There are a lot of good ideas here and it’s a shame if people misunderstand just because of some words that could be chosen better.

      • OKaye

        Kipp, the blog appears to be making fun of those “good ideas” you like. That is satire. Obviously you aren’t an English teacher – at least I hope not.

        I am not trying to be rude, but I think it’s like a student whom I taught. He read “I am America” by Stephen Colbert and took it literally, I had to discuss and explain that Mr. Colbert was in character and was actually making fun of conservative beliefs and not endorsing them. Mr. Worthington appears to be behaving in the same manner.

    • KIPP Teacher

      I think it’s a good idea if we pay attention to the environment and look into such things. A lot of good things are happening now, not only in education.

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