Smellington B. Worthington III is a self-made man. He pulled himself up with just the sweat of his brow, the grit in his character, a portfolio of stocks and properties, a substantial inheritance, an ivy-league education, and a hefty trust fund. In his younger years, Mr. Worthington attended private schools, as do his three children. He is now selflessly turning his valuable time and attention toward the public schools, in order to produce a better, more reliable class of worker.

Smellington is extremely busy and cannot promise to respond to correspondence.  However, you may reach him at smellingtongATgmail.com.

6 responses to “About

  1. avoicein

    I have to tell you that whoever runs this site is a genius.
    Love your posts.
    Please write more!!!!!

  2. I say, old bean, Muffy and I do appreciate the encouragement. She’d thank you personally but blast it all, she’s off somewhere helping the poolboy. I say, if that chap can’t get the job done alone we ought to discharge him, but Muffy insists his services are of value.

  3. Great blog…Wish I could break away from the constant Broadway show openings and cocktail parties to read it more often…Send my regards to King Mike for me…

  4. I say old bean, I thought you might be interested in my organization to facilitate relationships between billionaires and public schools. This is a capital website and thought I just discovered it today, I will make it a regular stopover when on the interwebs.

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