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Muffy’s Diary

Smelly and I bumped into Mike and Joel at the Century Club; we told them what a fabulous job they’re doing with the public schools. Not that we actually know anyone who sends their kids to one – but we simply love those ads on TV showing all the improvements they’ve made!

We also love what they’re doing with trying to get rid of incompetent teachers – why anyone should want to stick around as a teacher beyond one or two years anyway is beyond me.

In fact, wanting to stay as a teacher probably disqualifies one automatically, since anyone with brains or talent would naturally want to move on in a couple of years to law school or Wall St. In fact, our nephew, Spence, is graduating from Yale this spring and planning to go into TFA and teach in the Bronx; luckily he got a slot at Morgan Chase reserved for when he’s had enough giving back to society and is ready to move on.

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