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The Lead Teacher

Recently Muffy and I have been examining the weblogs that teachers write. We became very interested when we started reading about “Lead Teachers.” Now Muffy and I occasionally watch “Iron Chef,” as Cook now and then becomes tiresome. We’ll often have Cook watch the Tivo and duplicate the recipes.

In any case, there seems to be some sort of hoopla over becoming an “Iron Chef.” However, who would want to be a “Lead Teacher?” I could see if it were named after a precious metal. Who wouldn’t want to be a “Platinum Teacher” or even a “Gold Teacher?” But “Lead Teacher?” Sounds like a dog’s dinner to me.

And therein is the problem with the school system today. If we’d adjust the names, perhaps we could convince the teachers that this is some sort of honor. This would, perhaps, prevent them from asking for so much money, and would open up just so much more for investment purposes. You may not realize this, but “Lead Teachers” actually get paid more money than regular teachers. And who can blame the plebs for taking the money, after having this degrading moniker hung around their necks?

I say, Mikey, get with the program old chap! Let’s have “Platinum Teachers” and “Gold Teachers.” Let’s freely dispense free prestige, and halt the process of dispensing valuable taxpayer dollars. These dollars could be used for tax breaks for investors and real-estate speculation. Let’s not throw them away on salaries for the lower classes!

Smellington G. Worthington III



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