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For the Love of Smedley

A Facebook friend recently sent me this link, about how the wealthy have acquired more capital as of late. This would not be so shocking if it were not portrayed as a bad thing. I tire of going back to basic principles, but it’s well-known that persons of no account have no idea how to handle capital. They fritter it away on food, rent, and other such trifles when its true magic is investment. If they aren’t going to make it grow, why should they have it at all?

Don’t their very own tax dollars finance food stamps? Aren’t there soup kitchens and shelters? Why don’t they simply make use of those facilities, buy the Wall Street Journal, and figure out the best ways to enrich whatever pittance they may come across? That’s what this country is all about, by George.

Pulling one’s self up by one’s bootstraps is, of course, troublesome for the bootless and unhorsed. This notwithstanding, it’s their duty to do so. Let it be a challenge to them, say I.  This is capitalism, and it’s what my father sweated for when meeting his lawyers to determine how best to dispense our trust funds and portfolios. If all parents went to this trouble, there’d be less foul-smelling rabble, and the world would be a better place.

Must dash. Muffy seems to have locked herself into a closet with the poolboy, and I must dispatch a servant to open it with all due haste.


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Hip Hip Hooray

And a large round of “attaboy” to fellow billionaire Patrick Byrne, chief executive of Overstock.com. After the voucher measure he financed went down to ignominious defeat, he called the referendum a state IQ test that the voters failed.

Bravo, Patty old boy. Why on earth should people like us have to shoulder the entire cost of education for our kids while the great rabble sends their spawn to the nearest available public schools at our expense? Why should we have to support their urchins and our own children as well?

Don’t those low-IQ Philistines know that the more money we have, the more money they will eventually have? It’s all about investment. While they may go out and squander their money on food, or rent, or whatever such individuals spend it on, we’ll invest the money in the economy, which will benefit everyone.

Cheers again to Patty for putting the billionaire point of view front and center! We need more like him!

Smellington G. Worthington III

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