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Now That’s Progress

I was pleased as punch to be sent the video that appears below. Apparently, serfdom is not dead, and I’m told by reliable sources that Chancellor Joel Klein has his own serf speaking for him. Let me be the first to shout, bravo!

Now serfdom is traditionally associated with agriculture, but here’s further evidence that Joel is not only a reformer, but an innovator as well. While I would not have dressed my serf up in a suit, it was quite effective as a counter to that upstart who’s failed to get with the program at PEP meetings.

Why not acquire more serfs, and have them work as teachers? Rather than the 7 hour day associated with that awful union contract, we could have them work double shifts. We could place cots in school basements where they could sleep before going back to work. Another great benefit would be reducing the need to pay for enrichment programs.

Why shouldn’t our serfs work Saturdays and Sundays? Does anyone really believe the serfs of yore took weekends or holidays?

Now certainly we’d have to feed them, and I fail to see why we couldn’t simply acquire kitchen serfs in lieu of those “lunch ladies.” I suppose the only problem would be the carnal temptations with all those teachers and cafeteria workers co-habitating in the basement, but a few well-publicized dismissals and the serfs would soon learn their places.

Once again, bravo Joel. I never knew you were so innovative.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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