Bravo, Joel!

I say, it’s bold of Joel to write this piece, pointing out how billionaires have managed to influence the politicians to finally represent their point of view in education. For too long, it’s been, “Oh, how can we help the rabble?” and “Oh, we aren’t spending enough on the bootless and unhorsed.” Now, finally, we’re seeing a return to traditional values, favoring the rich, and showing the little urchins how to best serve our needs.

Joel Klein knows that good old 19th century values are what America needs today. That’s why he’s willing to stand up against wasteful pensions and benefits. Do health benefits make better teachers? Does a pension make a better teacher? Of course not! Nonetheless, low salaries certainly save dollars that can go to tax cuts for important people like me, Muffy, Michael Bloomberg and Eli Broad.

We have made great progress in our quest. I thank you, my loyal readers, and pledge to bring a chain of Smellington charter schools that will embody all of Joel’s values. And Rupie’s job offer has certainly sustained those values! Bravo to Rupie too!



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5 responses to “Bravo, Joel!

  1. Yes Joel Klein has consistently done a smashing job of bringing public education back to its true purpose: educating the children of the underclass sufficiently that they may become the domestic servants and menial laborers of tomorrow, but not so much that they might constitute a threat to our privileged children and grandchildren.

    And in his case it was really difficult to get to this level of accomplishment, since he had to turn his back on the kind of quality public education he himself enjoyed as a child, and make sure that never again would something like that sneak through in New York City.

    Of course he did have the advantage of having exactly zero experience as an educator when he was appointed to head the largest public education system in the world. Thus, his very appointment was an insult to all those educators unrealistically attempting to provide a quality education to the children of the poor and working class.

    • I say, how perceptive of you. I too admire Joel’s courage in promoting the billionaire agenda, and I believe that with Rupie’s money, he shall soon join our ranks. I take exception to the tone about insulting educators. That’s perfectly fine for those of us who put Children First. Once they grow up, it’s none of our affair.

  2. KIPP Teacher

    Joel Klein is a great man and Im honored that he wrote about KIPP. Its sad that public school teachers want more and more and dont care about there students. We will do everything we can to help them and with people like you and Mr. Klein I know they have a great chance. We don’t have all those health and pension benefits and we do the job anyway. That’s what’s important and it’s good that word is getting around.

  3. paper doll

    Indeed…instead of ensuring everyone has heath insurance, let us take it away from the few narrow mined non millionaire still selfishing clinging to theirs ! That’s my kind of equality!

  4. hello-

    my name is robert rendo, and i am a public school teacher. is there any way to contact the writer of this blog via e-mail? i like the site a lot. my e-mail is


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