Dashing Good News

I say, it’s high time those liberal snobs in the New York Times got off their high horse and gave us some credit for all the good we do.   Finally there’s a column that acknowledges our role in starting charter schools.  And it’s not like the rest of the country, where they actually create or rent buildings for them.  In this state, we get right in there, eject the undesirable vermin that infest the public schools, and plop our programs right there.

Where else but Mikey’s New York would such innovation take place?  We’re here, we’re wealthy, get used to it.  The hip new thing is education, of course, and since there are billions in it, why on earth shouldn’t we profit from it?  I’m weary of those socialist ne’er do wells who harp on the various bailouts.  If they bailed out the banks, there’s no reason they can’t damn well bail out the charter magnates as well.

We’re doing our bit to rid society of those awful unions and give teachers wages we think they deserve.  Wages we can afford, and still turn a healthy profit.  And we’ll show these little urchins that their hard work can result in even more profit for us.  The scourge of organized labor is coming to a screeching halt, and I’m thankful the liberal New York Times is spreading the word for us.  It’s like Christmas is weeks early and we don’t even have to bear the expense of the lumps of coal we’d budgeted for the dirty little scamps.

I wish you all a lucrative holiday season and a profitable New Year.  Must dash.  Muffy and the poolboy are raising a ruckus in the rumpus room.

Smellington G. Worthington III



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7 responses to “Dashing Good News

  1. canwetalk

    you are a creep!

  2. I say, old chap, don’t get your knickers in a ruffle. We’ve just rented Gracie Mansion for another four years, and there’s no need getting all in a tizzy over it.

  3. C. Frogingtom Higglesworth

    The bootless and unhorsed, Smelly. Who can control their rampant vulgarity?

  4. KIPP Teacher

    I like the idea of private charter schools but I don’t think that profit should be the only motive. You need to provide kids with a good education.

  5. Oh my dear Smelly!! Who is this “KIPP Teacher”? Is this another charter school upstart? Perhaps now that I’m importing handbags from abroad I can turn to education as another hobby……I’m getting tired of going to those depressing factories in the Far East to make sure my designs are being correctly reproduced.

  6. Ima my dear,

    It is indeed the season for charters. Mikey and Joel have just cleared dozens of buildings for our use, and I’ve no doubt the little vermin here can make the handbags if they’re disciplined properly.

    Perhaps we could incorporate this into the Smellington Academy, but I’d have to ask for a share of the profits. It’s very little work getting your own charter up and running, as those who do the actual work take only a pittance.

  7. KIPP Teacher

    Charters are a great thing, but I dont think you should worry about salary so much, we do it because we love it. If we wanted money we would do something else. Again I don’t think you should use words like vermin when you talk about children.

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